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Thanks so much for serving us with your patience, great ideas and heart to give your clients great pricing!

— Pat C.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding concerning the changes I made from my original invitation concept. It is a pleasure doing business with you, and heartening to know there are caring and understanding people in this world. Thank you again!

— Paula K.

Wow! Having you at Tracy’s wedding increased our enjoyment 100%. The day was glorious. And knowing the two of you were there made us all feel like we really were guests, and absolutely nothing could go wrong!

— Kim & Alan G.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Ross’ invitations and shirt giveaways. You were very professional and provided much guidance. Everything turned out great for his special day- Thanks again!

— Marcie & Alan A.

I just wanted to let you know how great everything looked ( bags stuffed with candy, place cards, coordinated centerpieces) Thanks so much for your creative genius and making my daughter’s day so special.

— Jacqueline M.

I can’t thank you enough. Your services were impeccable and continually comforting- No seams in the event were to be found & no wants were needed. You fulfilled wishes before they were wished! Thank you so much. Our WHOLE family enjoyed your presence on the beautiful day of Jaime & Gary’s new life together.

— Sari & Gary M.

I got many, many compliments from the gorgeous invitations to how well planned and organized the party flowed. We couldn’t have done it without you!

— Bonnie K.

The invitations are beautiful! Many compliments already! Thank you.

— Laurie J.

I want to express my deep thank you and appreciation for the exceptional job you did assisting and coordinating Robin’s wedding. You didn’t miss a trick! I know that the praise I have been receiving about the fabulous wedding could not have been accomplished without your superior expertise.

— Dawn & Bruce S.

As we await Susie’s Bat Mitzvah date, we are reminded of Jennie’s wonderful celebration last year. You were such a vital part in creating this special memory. Your input and suggestions
were valued more than we can express. We just want to thank you again for all your help, and hope you’ll be able to help us with Susie’s function next May. We’ll be in touch!

— Carol & Danny L.

The mere phrase “Thank you” just does not adequately convey the depth of meaning needed to express the gratefulness both Sam & I feel toward yourselves. Both of us were privileged to have had TO THE POINT recommended to us as well as attending two of the weddings you coordinated in the past several months. The both of you have been a joy to work with and truly made Sam and I guests at our daughter’s wedding reception. We look forward to working with you in the future at our other two daughter’s weddings!

— Cathy A.

Thank you! You made it possible for us to be guests at our daughter’s wedding. You really took all the pressure off us and saw to it that everything ran as smoothly as it should. And finally, when the evening was over you saw to it that everything that would later be important to our daughter and us was collected and carefully loaded into our car. Should anyone ever ask us for a recommendation, you both will be on the top of our list!

— Betty Ann S.

I just wanted to thank you both again for all of your help, hard work, support and compassion. Everything truly paid off and it could not have been more wonderful.. As my son Ari said, it was so much fun. And that was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again for all the hand holding and suggestions!

— Rhonda F.

Thank you for taking care of Jorie on her special day, keeping her calm. Your keen eye and professional experience helped to ease our worried minds to enjoy this wonderful time in our lives!

— Susan & Jeff L.

We would like to thank you for doing an excellent job of orchestrating our daughter’s wedding. From the beginning, you were always available to answer any questions I had, and to reassure me of my concerns, as well as to offer advice. You always returned my phone calls promptly, and I appreciated this. I will certainly recommend TO THE POINT to all of my friends!

— Judy S

Quite honestly, words simply cannot begin to convey our sincere appreciation for all your efforts on our behalf… for without you our special day would never have turned out into the truly magical evening it was. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

— Nicole and Steve R.

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on Shelly’s wedding. From the beginning we were treated like family- I felt I was guided by a long-trusted friend. You have that wonderful talent of putting people at ease in any situation, and I feel that you gave us the same care & dedication you would give your own daughter.

— Susan S.

It was our pleasure working with you this past weekend. My captain said you were SO PHENOMENAL to work with and made the night so much easier. Thanks so much.

— An Apple a Day Catering

Thank you for helping me make those last-minute changes That you and I know always occur. Your guidance and experience played such a huge role in making Avery’s Bat Mitzvah a great success. I look forward to working with you on our future events!

— Gina W.

I can’t thank you enough. Your knowledge & service are so far above and beyond, they’re in the stratosphere!

— Janet M.

You certainly put all our fears to rest. Speaking with you last night was wonderful. We look forward to the wedding next year with you in charge we know it will be a great success!

— Norm & Eileen G.

Thank you again for all your help. You were responsible every step of the way in helping me make good decisions and alleviating my indecisions. You spent endless hours with my craziness, and I am most grateful!

— Jackie R.

Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are so good at what you do. I’ve already referred you to 3 people!

— Wendy P.

What can I say- you were amazing! I so deeply appreciate all of the effort and hard work you both put into making Jennifer’s wedding perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to execute all of the details- you were definitely on it! I am especially grateful to you keeping on track and attentiveness to the details and most importantly to Jennifer & me. I thank you for the thoughtful suggestions and literally walking us thru every detail. Of course, I dreamed about how it would be, but it all came together even better than my dream. If you ever need a personal recommendation, feel free to use me.

— Vinetta W.

After seeing my invitations yesterday, everything turned out even better, more beautiful and more sophisticated than I could have hoped for! Thank you for all your efforts.

— Caryl J.

Thank you so much. You not only found us lovely invitations but you gave us the chance to connect with people you trust, and the opportunity to have peace of mind on our wedding day. You gave us the gift of joy today. We have been excited about the planning and the event all along, and you were “the frosting on the cake”. Not only did the Bears win today… I feel like we won by meeting you!

— Pam & Monica C.

Glad you are working with Melinda. She and her staff are really nice and they do a great job.

— Beth B., Event Manager

Melinda, it was wonderful doing business with you and Carrie- Thank you for making our event … magical!

— Holly S.

You were an absolute pleasure to work with from the first time we spoke on the phone. The party turned out exactly as we had hoped: classy with a touch of elegance, yet fun and rocking.

— Becky M.

Thank you for all your great help! I never had to worry, because I saw you had everything under control & it all ran smoothly! (I certainly will be your promoter) Your patience was marvelous, and you are truly devoted to your work & clients. Thanks again for everything!

— Mickey & Abe R.

To the point was there for both my Son and Daughter’s Mitzvahs held 3 years apart.
Aside from their unending kindness and organization was their attention to detail. There are about 100 million things that can go wrong at events this size.
Thanks to Melinda and Carrie, things could not go smoother!
Even when there was the inevitable hiccup, they just took care of it. We didn’t even know it occurred. By trusting ToThePoint, we were able to actually enjoy our events, knowing everything was taken care of.
Whenever you are planning a special event that must be perfect, you must be able to trust your planners. ToThePoint is a group you can TRUST!!!

— Jeff and Melinda F.

Your suggestions & creativity were simply wonderful! It seemed as though any time Susan was faced with a dilemma, the solution was simply “I’ll call Melinda. She’ll know what to do”- and you always did know exactly what to do!

— Joel H.

You absolutely made the day! I thought the wedding was perfect- & your presence and hard work allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the day. From start to finish- You were on top of everything. Thank you both so much.

— Barbara M.

Melinda, you are the greatest! This wedding would not have come together so well without your help and expertise. I will miss my weekly, and sometimes daily, calls to you. Please keep in touch!

— Debbie M.

Thanks so much! You guys are the very best!

— Michelle T.

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